Perfect Funeral Plans


How The Cost of Funerals is Rising

When signing up to your plan, the price of the funeral remains fixed at today’s prices.

So no matter how much the cost of funerals goes up in the future, you and your family will have nothing more to pay that the cost of today.

According to research from Golden Charter, the cost of funerals has increased by 103% over the last 12 years. At this rate, the cost of a funeral will rise from around £4,000 in 2017 to over £12,000 by 2036.

Prepaid Funeral Plans Explained

A prepaid funeral plan is an easy way to pay for your funeral without leaving the burden on your loved ones.

We understand how difficult a loss can be for those close to you, whether it is your spouse, partner or children. But not only is arranging a funeral a lot of work, it is also very expensive.

Fortunately, a prepaid funeral plan can make life easier during a very stressful time. Funeral plans typically cost in the range of £3,000 to £4,300 and allow you to contribute towards any funeral costs in one lump sum or in monthly instalments starting from £25 per month.

Things covered in a funeral plan include:

  • Funeral Director’s costs
  • Cremation fees (depends on plan)
  • Minister’s fees (depends on plan)
  • Religious Service
  • Hertz/limousine vehicle
  • Coffin

The Best Funeral Plans in the UK

We work with some of the best funeral plan providers in the country to help you find an affordable plan to meet your requirements. Whether the person plans to be buried or cremated, have a religious ceremony or not, our plans can accommodate your needs. Plus, we are able to offer limited discounts or cashback up to £100 for using certain providers.

By working with several companies in the UK, you are able to get the best price for you or your loved one. There is no need to go to each individual funeral plan company and compare the prices since we do this all in one place. Simply fill in your details in the form above and one of our dedicated advisors will be in touch with you very shortly.

It is essential to read the terms and conditions of each company as some providers will exclude things like headstones, cremation urns, flowers and funeral directors. Or very commonly, there are caps on how much you can spend towards cremation fees and minister fees – so it is important to be aware of this and how much may need to be topped up afterwards.   

Is a Funeral Plan Safe?

Yes, each plan is protected by your provider placing your contributions into a trust fund or investing it in an insurance policy that pays out when the policyholder dies.

Whilst not directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, there is a professional governing body for providers called the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), which has a code of conduct that all of its members must adhere to.

As part of the code, the FPA’s members and the FPA itself pledge that if a provider goes bust they will look into paying for funerals that are covered by funeral plans.

Use Your Credit Card for Extra Protection

By paying with your credit card, you are protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This means that your credit card provider must protect purchases over £100 if there is a problem with the good and services you have paid for, or if the company you are buying is unable to fulfil their duties.

If you are paying for your funeral plan in total upfront, you can benefit from Section 75 protection by putting part of the bill on your credit card. If you want to pay by monthly instalments you can also gain protection by using a credit card to pay any deposits or asking your provider to pay part of the bill upfront using the card.