What to do With Ashes

Posted: 04/12/2017

It is true that more and more people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial. If you or a loved on of yours can opted for a cremation, you must consider what the next steps are in terms of what you are going to do with the ashes. Some people chose to keep them, others choose to scatter or bury them – it is all up to preference.

Whatever you decide to do, always make sure you have permission – some places require a permit or prior permission. If your loved one has specified what they want doing with their ashes, you should also aim to honour these to the best of your ability.

Scatter them

An extremely popular option is to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a place which that person loved during their lifetime. This could be the ocean, a forest, or at their own home. If this is something you are considering, be aware that certain places, such as the national parks, do require a permit to scatter ashes on their land.

Bury them

Burying the ashes is a good option for those who do not want to be buried in the traditional sense, but still want for there family to have a place to visit. The burial of ashes is actually the only option available for those who have their cremated ashes sanctioned by the catholic church. The Vatican released a statement recently which aimed to remind catholics that the ashes of the deceased should always be kept in scared grounds, such as a cemetery, and not at home or scattered on unholy ground.

Store at home


Some families opt to keep the ashes of their loved ones in an urn, at home. You can buy beautiful urns which couple up as an ornament, so that it is not too obvious to everyone that comes through the door. If nothing else, going with this option also gives you time to think about what to do with the ashes permanently.



You can turn the ashes on your loved one into jewellery so that they are always with you. There are several companies that offer this service, along with using ashes to make hand-blown glass or stained glass which you can use to decorate your home as a reminder of that person.

Plant the ashes

Consider using the ashes to help a tree grow. There are companies that provide a service in which they mix the ashes of your loved one with other nutrients that are used to grow a plant or a tree in your own garden or in a place of your or your loved ones choice.



You can get a tattoo with the ashes of a loved one to create a permanent memorial to them on your skin. Tattoo artists can mix a portion of the ashes into the ink to then apply it to the skin. If you are a tattoo lover, this might be a great option – since it is only a portion of the ashes, you can do other things with the rest of the ashes.

Cuddly toy


This is a perfect option for a younger child. You can store the ashes of a loved one inside stuffed animal urn. The toys come with special compartments for safely storing the ashes in.

Send them into the sky


You can now send your loved one to infinity and beyond! A company called Celestis offers services which include sending the ashes to the moon and outer space.

Help your loved one go out with a bang by putting their remains into fireworks. You can then see them shoot up into the sky in a beautiful way for all to see.

You can also get the ashes made into ammunition for guns and shot them into the sky in a place which they would have loved. You can also just keep these and get a engraved box made for the bullets to be stored in.

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