The Craziest Funerals and Wakes

Posted: 22/01/2018

The world is an interesting place, full of interesting people. We all know about lavish and crazy wedding ceremonies and birthday parties etc. but what about funerals? In this guide, we take a look at some of the strangest and craziest funerals and wakes ever held from all around the world!

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Funeral and Wedding combined


This could be interpreted simply as a wedding taking place at the same time as a funeral. While that is technically true, it is a lot stranger than two events taking place next to each other.

In Thailand in 2012, a man married his deceased girlfriend at her funeral! Therefore, the event that took place was a hybrid wedding ceremony and funeral service for the same person (the woman who had passed away).

Before her death, the two had been together for 10 years and had always planned on one day getting married in the future. However, before tying the know the man had wanted to focus on his studies, so put a delay on the wedding. Unfortunately, before the couple could set a date, the woman died suddenly in an accident.

Practice Funeral


In China, a girl decided that she wanted to attend her own funeral to enjoy it. Zeng Jia, a 22-year-old student from Wuhan, China, stunned her family and friends when she invited them to a “test-run” of her real funeral.

The student explained that she got the idea for the morbid event following her realisation that people tend to spend a lot of time, effort and money on a person after they go – but why not be present and enjoy it? In the fear that she would never be able to witness her own funeral, she decided to spend her savings on holding a practice funeral. She arranged her own elaborate funeral, fit with coffin, flowers and photographers. Zeng even hired make-up artists who specialise in dead bodies to create a look that made her look as though she was no longer with us. The funeral involved her playing dead for an hour whilst her family and friends passed by her coffin to say their final (or not so final) goodbyes.

$10,000 Egyptian Style Coffin


Meet the man, Fred Guentert, who planned to eternally rest like a pharaoh. For the last 25 years or so, Guentert has been building a coffin which is directly inspired by the ancient Egyptians.

Guentert is a life-long Egyptian enthusiast, with a particular interest in Egyptian artistry. He started creating the coffin in the mid-1980s. It is hand painted and made of cedar so that it does not rot. It starts at almost 7 ft tall, weighs about 300 pounds and sits in two pieces. Adoring the lid is a hand-carved image of the Egyptian god Osiris.

The deceased made to look alive

There is a very niche-trend floating around where the deceased expresses a wish to “look alike” or be posed in a certain, unconventional way at their funeral or wake service. If someone had a certain hobby, they may want to be positioned to look like they are doing that activity.


For example, a man was posed riding his motorcycle at his own wake. He told his family prior to his death that he did not want a traditional casket, and so the motorcycle idea was born in Puerto Rico. The body was fully dressed in biking gear was placed on to of his beloved Honda CBR600 whilst his friends and families said their goodbyes and paid their respects.



Another example of this is a boxer who was murdered was positioned against the corner of a makeshift boxing ring for his wake. His friends and family could find him posed upright with a yellow hood on his head, sunglasses over his eyes and some blue boxing gloves in his hands.

The children of Miriam Banks claimed that when alive, she was the life of the party – they made sure this was still the case at her funeral. Instead of laying her in a coffin, they dressed up their mother with a cigarette in her hand coupled with her favourite beer and whiskey placed in front of her. The service also honoured her loved for RnB, blasting it out throughout the service.

Strippers at Funerals

In Taiwan, it has become more common for people to party at funerals rather than mourn. Some people are even having strippers attend their funeral. Their purpose is to appease wandering spirits and liven up the otherwise sombre occasion.

It has been reported that the strippers go as far as to give the mourners of the deceased lap dances and they parade around the service half-naked.

Christmas Themed Funeral

A man in Dallas, Texas was a huge lover of the festive season whilst he was alive. His funeral was based on all things Christmassy, featuring dancing, reindeer, fake snow and elves. His coffin was on a sleigh and he was dressed as Santa Claus himself.

This funeral was so out there that it actually featured on TLC’s reality series: “Best Funeral Ever”!