Stormzy Performs at Fans Father’s Funeral

Posted: 22/12/2017

The Croydon-born grime star, Stormzy, has been making headlines after promising a fan that he would sing his new hit single “Blinded By Your Grace” at his father’s funeral after receiving a tweet from said fan. Both he and his father loved this song, he tweets.

The Stormzy fan, Nas Bockarie’s father sadly died on the day of his graduation on the 8th of December, which he explained in the tweet. In his tweet directed at the grime star, Nas asks if Stromzy would be able to perform at his fathers funeral which took place on the 21st of Decemeber 2017, as they were both such big fans.

He wrote: “Bro my Dad passed away on the day of my graduation last week Friday. Our favourite song of yours was blinded by your grace.

“Would love it if you could perform this at his funeral next Thursday 21st December. Don’t worry if you can’t, I just thought I’d try my luck. #Hopeful.”

To which Stormzy took it upon himself to reply asking to start a private conversation with the fan, a suspire surely after “just trying his luck”.

During the conversation it is assuming they exchanged details of the day and Stromzy agreed to sing at Nas’ father’s funeral.

A close friend of Nas and an attendee of the funeral shared a screenshot of the original tweet from Nas alongside a photgraphy of Stormzy performing in front of a picture of the father who had sadly passed away.

He wrote: “Massive respect for Stormzy for honouring this…God Bless You”

Nas’ cousin, Mariama Kallon, later tweeted that she was “in shock” following her experience with Stormzy performing in honour of her uncle. She wrote: “I don’t want to hear any slander about this man ever because I don’t know many people who have a soul to match his,”


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