How to make a funeral more personalised

Posted: 22/12/2017

It is common for people to feel as though funerals can lack that personal touch. Every person deserves their funeral to be done the way they would have wanted, with injections of their personality throughout the service. Honouring the memories of a person can make the funeral one to remember for all the best reasons.

This guide will take you through ways that you can achieve a more personal funeral service.

Personalise your Flowers

In most cultures, flowers are an integral part of the funeral service. Flowers provide symbolism and can be used for a number of different functions. To learn what the different types of flowers are used for and what they symbolize, check out our post by clicking here: What sort of flowers should you bring to a funeral? 

You can do something extremely simple such as choosing their favourite flower to adorn the ceremony or flowers which offer their favourite scent.

It is quite common for flower arrangements to spell out words such as the name of the deceased, “Mum”, “Dad” etc. This could be a nice touch to honour the person who is no longer with us.


For those who prefer to be more laid back during their lifetime, consider having a flower display which is not particularly formal. Some people have always loved nature, and this love can be portrayed through the use of wildflowers rather than organised bunches made at a florist.

Personalise the Music

Songs are probably the easiest way to make a funeral more personal. Music is a very powerful thing and can really move us all, especially at funerals. The use of songs that the person was never linked will never be as evocative as those which were so loved by the deceased and those which the family and friends will associate with that person.

If the deceased was known as a particularly positive, light-hearted or funny person, consider reflecting this through the music. Rather than sticking to sad songs, happy songs can really lift the mood and remind everyone of who the the deceased was personality wise – this should provide a sense of comfort in such a devastating time.

For some inspiration, check out our post on picking the perfect funeral song.

Consider a Theme

If the deceased was a traditionalist, black attire and traditional décor would be a perfect way to reflect their personality in the funeral service.

However, for something a little different, consider theming the funeral around their favourite colour. If the deceased was a lover of all things pink, inject this into the service. Invite the guests to dress in pink, consider a pink coloured coffin and pink décor.


On a similar note, you could theme the funeral around something which they loved. This could be a place, an animal or an activity.




Speeches are a big part of most funerals and are a perfect way to honour the personality of the deceased through discussing personal memories with that person and sharing ones favourite traits of the person who has passed.

The eulogy is an extremely important part of the service and is meant to be as moving as possible. Instead of simply listing things off about what the deceased liked, consider sharing a story which illustrates their love for something – something which was commonly known amongst their loved ones.

If you need some tips on how to write a eulogy, click here. 

Whatever the style of the funeral, there is no doubt that the costs of having one are on the rise. To avoid falling victim to this, click here to check out the option of a prepaid funeral plan.