Kerry Katona Gets a Memorial Spaceflight

Posted: 25/04/2018

Kerry Katona, ex-Atomic Kitten popstar, has reportedly opted into a memorial spaceflight to distribute her ashes when she dies. She has signed up to Pride Planning’s ‘Stardust plan’, which involves filling a rocket with the ashes of the deceased and scattering them across the galaxy, not unlike stardust.

What is a Memorial Spaceflight?

A Memorial Spaceflight is where your ashes are shot-up into space to join the many thousands of items that circle the earth all year round, including spy satellites and communication satellites. There are many variations of memorial spaceflights. One option is for you to have your ashes launched into deep space, which involves placing your cremated remains on a spacecraft which is then launched into deep space, where your ashes are released. A further option is launching your ashes to the moon; this is a great option for those who may have a particular affinity for space travel and the planets.




The Stardust plan involves scattering the ashes in front of a high-definition camera so that the alternative ash-scattering service can be experienced by friends and family on earth below. Kerry Katona has opted for the plan which also films the launch and ascent of the rocket itself so that a short film can be given to her children which documents her final journey to the fullest extent.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a memorial spaceflight will vary between providers and will also depend on the plan that you go for. Reportedly, Kerry Katona is spending £5,400 on having her ashes blasted into space. With traditional funeral arrangements sometimes exceeding this amount, it is no huge financial sacrifice to opt for an alternative plan such as this one chosen by Katona.

What are The Benefits of an Alternative Funeral or Memorial?

Many of us look to find ways to make our funeral or memorial services as personal as possible. With a memorial spaceflight or any other kind of alternative service, the personal is achieved in the creation of a truly memorable send-off. For Kerry Katona, who was cast into fame and stardom at a young age with her singing career, finally resting amongst the stars is perfectly fitting.

Another great benefit of opting into an alternative funeral plan for yourself or for a partner or family member is that arrangements will be made in advance so that your loved ones do not have to deal with the cost of dying after your passing. For Katona’s children, plans are already in motion for their 37-year old mother, so that when the time comes, they will not have to worry about costs or administrative duties. Going for a prepaid funeral plan means that we are able to translate to our loved ones exactly what we want for our own service, and take the burden off their shoulders.

Other Examples of Alternative Funeral Services

Here are some other examples of alternative funeral services that are available to you today, ranging from eco-friendly funerals to star-wars themed funerals!

The Eco-Friendly Funeral

Many people opt for eco-friendly funeral services today. You can make your funeral more eco-friendly by doing the following things:

  • Getting a cardboard or wicker coffin
  • Opt for resomation (biocremation)
  • Arrange all travel to be by bike or foot
  • Have horse-powered or man-powered transportation
  • Give out plant-a-flower gift bags

The Creative Funeral

If you are commemorating a particularly artsy or creative individual, you can make their funeral service more personal by adopting these ideas:

  • Offer home-made service booklets
  • Hose flower-wreath workshops
  • Make paper flower-wreaths
  • Paint a mural at the reception

The Themed Funeral

If yourself or your loved one had a particular interest in life, why not have a themed funeral in honour of that interest? This may be done subtly, with colour schemes or songs that suit a certain theme, or more flagrantly, such as this example where someone’s entire funeral was star-wars themed!




Kerry Katona isn’t alone in opting for a more personalised and special funeral plan today. If you are interested in getting a prepaid funeral plan that is tailored to your final wishes, contact our team at Perfect Funeral Plans today.