Alkaline hydrolysis

This is a chemical solution used to increase the speed of natural decomposition. It is water-based and uses a combination of alkaline chemicals, heat and pressure.


Another term for the alkaline hydrolysis process.


A public official whose duty is to investigate the cause of death if it appears to be from other than natural causes, or if there was no physician in attendance for a long time prior to death.


The deceased’s procession.


A term specific to the funeral profession that refers to the utilization of cosmetics to restore life-like appearance to the deceased.


The human remains of the deceased through intense heat and flame.

Death Notice

Also known as an obituary, in which a person’s death is published in a newspaper.

Death Certificate

A necessary legal document required in the event of a death that must be signed by a coroner or doctor.


The means of laying human remains to rest; methods of disposition may include earth burial, entombment in a crypt, cremation, etc.


Offers a temporary preservation of the body of the deceased through chemically treating it, keeping the body in a viewable state.


A written speech at a funeral or memorial to honour the dead.

Funeral director

Also known as a mortician or an undertaker, this is a person who helps the bereaved with arranging the funeral ceremony, and arranges the removal of the deceased from the hospital, and helps with securing information for legal documents.

Funeral plan

A life insurance policy that pays out money for the funeral of the policyholder when they pass away, also known as burial insurance.

Funeral procession

Also known as a cortege, usually a procession involving vehicles to and from the church.

Hearse vehicle

Vehicle the body of the deceased is carried in.


A way of paying respects to the dead, usually made of granite and are engraved with the name of the deceased, it may also have favourite sayings or poems written on the gravestone.


The placement of the dead into a grave.


The funeral home where the body is prepared.


Same as death notice.

Preparation room

Preparation can include anything from embalming to placing the remains in a casket, and the room is a place where people can view the deceased.


This is the chamber where the deceased is cremated.

State room

The room where the body can be viewed by friends and family.


A new technology allowing distant relatives to watch the memorial service from afar through streaming the video over the internet.