Final Rides: Different Types of Funeral Transport

Posted: 04/12/2017

Funeral services very much rely on good transport, with there being guests, staff, flowers, and the deceased themselves to be taken between venues. A hearse is typically used to carry the coffin or casket in the funeral service, but this is by no means essential. Here are some ideas for types of vehicles and modes of transport that are available for funeral services.

Traditional Funeral Transport

If you are opting for a traditional funeral, the classic black hearse will be your likely choice for carrying the coffin. Most funeral plans and packages provide hearse rental with a driver alongside it. The hearse is big enough to also transport flower wreaths and bouquets, and can come with glass roofing so that the coffin is visible, or with blacked-out roofing so it is hidden.




For the truly traditional send-off, a horse-drawn hearse might be used. Typically a motor-drawn hearse is used today though, and horse-drawn services are saved for the grander of funerals due to their more considerable price-tag.

In terms of transporting guests, black cars are usually used in traditional funeral services. Black limousines are a popular choice as they are able to transport a number of guests, and by virtue of their sleek appearance. Usually these rented vehicles are used to transport the immediate family, whereas the majority of guests will make their own travel arrangements to and from the funeral.

If the funeral service and the reception are in different locations, it is important to ensure that travel options between them are available to your guests. Ordering a fleet of taxis or minibuses is an easy way to cater for this.

Variations on Traditional Funeral Transport

For those that may like the look of a traditional funeral cortege, but want to personalize the transport a little, there are many ways in which one can create variations on the traditional funeral transport.




Ways to change-up your transport include:

  • Ditch the black vehicles
  • Drive the hearse yourself (if capable)
  • Use a sprinter van as a hearse

Not all hearses come in the traditional black. It is possible to find hearses in almost any shade; even multi-coloured hearses are out there should you want one. You could colour-match your guest transport to the personalized hearse, or even opt for colour variants.

Some vehicle providers also allow for you to ditch the hired-in driver and drive the hearse yourself. Obviously, you must be a licensed driver and must be able to take insurance out on the vehicle.

If the traditional glossy hearse isn’t for you, sprinter vans (such as the Mercedes Sprinter) can be used as a hearse. There are converted sprinters (with glass panes and curtains) that offer a more modern alternative to the classic hearse.

Non-Traditional Funeral Transport

If the possible variations on the traditional funeral rides aren’t quite alternative enough, there are limitless ways in order to totally personalize a funeral fleet.




Here are some of the alternative funeral transport services that are on the market:

Motorbike Funerals

Perhaps the deceased was something of a biker, or you simply want to inject some ‘cool’ into the funeral service; motorbike hearses are available to hire. All you have to do is choose the model of motorbike you want to hire, and it comes with a sidecar attached for the coffin or urn to be kept in. For more information on motorcycle hearses, click here to visit Motorcycle Funerals Ltd.

Bicycle Funerals

For the eco-friendly funeral, the bicycle hearse is a great mode of transport. It is possible to find tricycles with a back frame upon which to safely hold and transport a coffin or urn. For the ultimate bicycle funeral, why not encourage your guests to bring their bikes join in the cycling funeral fleet.

4×4 Funerals

Land Rover and other 4×4 models can be used in funeral services for those off-roader enthusiasts who want an impressive and modern final journey. Available to hire is a limousine 4×4 and matching hearse vehicle, and you can choose from a variety of Land Rover models. Alpha 4×4 Funerals is the first commercial provider of this service in the UK; for more information on what they have to offer, click here.

VW Funerals

Just as bespoke 4x4s funeral fleet services are available to hire, Volkswagen hearse fleets are also an option for those who would like a particular vehicular send-off. Perhaps you or a loved one is a keen traveller or camper, and a VW campervan hearse is the perfect send-off. The VW is obviously itself large enough to carry a coffin or casket, and is usually converted inside so that the coffin can be seen in position through the long windows of the vehicle. Flowers may be placed inside and on the roof of the VW. Visit Volkswagen Funerals for more information on their exclusively VW transport service.




Getting transportation sorted is a fundamental aspect of funeral planning. Transport-arranging need not be hard, though; to find a funeral plan that will aid you in organizing everything from venues to catering, browse through our website.