Creative Ideas for Ashes

Posted: 27/06/2018

If you or a family member has chosen to be cremated rather than buried and they are or you are wanting to do something with their ashes which is different to simply storing them in an urn, we have some creative ideas for you to consider.

Nowadays, there are a lot more options available to you when it comes to storing or scattering the ashes of a loved one. Of course, you still want this to be done in a personal and meaningful way.

In the UK, cremation is certainly favoured over burial so it might be nice to do something a bit more unique to achieve the personal aspect of cremation that might be lost due to the fact it is so common. In this guide, we are going to look at some options so you can feel inspired.

Keepsake Jewellery


Using the ashes of a loved one to create jewellery is actually quite a popular way to hold on to the memory of that person by keeping them with you.

The great thing about this is that you can use the ashes to make a piece of jewellery that you would actually want to wear. It could be a necklace, broach, locket, bracelet, earrings or a ring – whatever takes your fancy!

There are plenty of specialist companies who will make bespoke jewellery following your own design or will help you design the perfect pendant.

Become one with the Ocean


For any lovers of the ocean or the seaside, new innovations are allowing you to become one with the ocean – literally.

The Dorset-based company called Solace Reef is able to incorporate ashes into artificial reefs which can be placed in the ocean, known as Solace Stone. The Solace Stones are sustainable and are part of a global drive to help to maintain a healthy environment which allows sea life to thrive.

There are also many boat companies which offer ashes scattering ceremonies on the waves or a sea burial. You do not need a license to scatter ashes at sea, you should just take into account that the weather conditions at sea can cause some complications when trying to scatter the ashes.

A Tattoo


It is actually quite common for people to commentate the passing of a loved one by getting a tattoo done in their honour. But did you know you could actually customise the ink to incorporate their ashes into it?

If you want this done, you will most probably have to shop around a bit as not many tattoo parlours offer this at present as it is still a new concept.

Shoot them into the sky


A great way to celebrate an energetic and outgoing person is to send them off by shooting them into the sky. You can do this in a number of ways.

An ash scattering cannon shoots the cremated remains more than seventy feet into the air, which allows it to spread through the sky to be seen by all who are present. To make it even more of a celebration of the person’s life, you can mix some confetti or streamers in with the ashes.

You can also make sure your loved one goes out with a bang by creating fireworks with the ashes. You can celebrate the life of the person you loved by creating a stunning firework display in the night sky.

Make Music


For any music lovers, it may be the perfect idea to use their ashes to create a vinyl of their favourite song. Here, you can immortalise your loved one by having their ashes pressed into the record which is playable.

The record can be a tailor-made track, even of their voice, or it can be a meaningful song. You can also have the cover’s artwork designed in such a way that it commemorates your loved one.

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