Creative cremation ideas

Posted: 26/07/2018

Perhaps you are unsure as to what you would like to happen to your ashes after you have passed away, having decided that you will have a cremation funeral. Or, a loved one has recently passed away and did not state what they would like to happen to their ashes and you want to do something with them in homage to the life that they lived, but are unsure as to how you can do that.

Luckily, Perfect Funeral Plans has put together a guide for you featuring a number of creative as well as unique ways to treasure the memory of your loved one, whilst remaining personalised.

Ashes as fireworks


Give a loved one an amazing send off by having their ashes put into fireworks.

Was your loved one always the life and soul of any room they walked into?  Where they known for always living life to the full? Well, what better way to honour their memory than to let them go out with a bang? There a number of different specialist companies across the UK that can help you to create fireworks made from cremation ashes, turning them into beautiful, awe-inspiring displays. Watching the display can also be a great way of bringing together friends and family.

Ashes as a tattoo

Whilst it is not unheard of for people to get a tattoo to commemorate the life of someone who has passed away, did you know it is now possible to also get a tattoo that contains the ashes? Some studios have started offering services to bereaved customers in which a small amount of your loved one’s ashes are then mixed into the tattoo ink, and can be used in a wide range of different designs.

Planting a tree

With environmentally friendly funerals becoming increasingly popular in the last year, many people are starting to look at ways for their ashes to be eco-friendly too. There are companies such as Bios Urn who provide biodegradable urns, that means that the cremation ashes are returned to nature without harming the environment. Each urn has a seed with the remains helping to directly nourish the growth of a new tree.

Create some art

Did you know that it is also possible to create art using cremation ashes? Artists across the world are now offering people the chance to have commemorative cremation portraits done using the remains of a loved one.

Turn them into a diamond


Turning your loved one’s ashes is a great way to keep their memory alive by turning them into a keepsake that can be passed on down to generations.

Whilst this may not necessarily be the least expensive option available to you when it comes to being creative with cremation ashes, it is most certainly one of the more glamorous options. Why not use the ashes to create a stunning diamond meaning that you can hold onto them and your precious memories of them for a lifetime. It could also be passed down as an heirloom for future generations.

Let them become one with the ocean

Did your loved one always like to stand out from the crowd, or always loved to be near nature? Then why not consider letting them become one with the ocean after they have passed away. The company Solace Reef allows people to have their ashes incorporated into artificial reefs, that are then laid to rest on the seabed, helping sea life to thrive.

Scatter their ashes at their favourite football club

Was your loved one a big football fan? Then choosing to scatter their ashes at their favourite football club can be an excellent way to honour their memory. A number of football clubs across the UK have club chaplains, who help bereaved family members to organise memorial ceremonies for people that have died. In some cases, the club chaplain will keep the ashes until after the service once the pitch has then been dug up at the end of the football season.

Shoot them into the sky

Another option available to you is to choose an ash scattering cannon, which shoots the person’s ashes into the sky, creating a spectacular display. The ashes shoot more than seventy feet into the air, and can also be mixed with streamers or confetti if you would like to make it a colourful display and one that all will remember.

Turn their ashes into music

Was your loved one the biggest music fan when they were alive? Did music always play a huge role in their lives? Then why not look at this extremely creative way of using ashes. A company called And Vinyly provides people with the opportunity to have peoples ashes pressed into playable vinyl records. You then have the possibility to have the record pressed with voice recordings or personalised with the persons favourite music on it. It is also possible to decorate the record cover’s artwork too.

Scatter ashes in a classic Spitfire

For plane enthusiasts, what better send off could you ask for than to have your ashes scattered from a classic plane? There are a number of companies in the UK that allow you to do just that, with the ashes scattered during a filmed skydive, which can then be remembered forever through a personalised DVD created just for you and your family to cherish.