Ways to Honour the Dead Around the World

Posted: 26/09/2018

The world is a very interesting place, we speak different languages, adhere to different religions and traditions and dress in completely different ways all across the globe. One thing that does unite the entirety of the world is death. It cannot be avoided nor should we hide from it, in fact, many of us don’t […]

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Ancient Egyptian Funeral Practices

Posted: 23/07/2018

The ancient Egyptians are famous for their elaborate, and frankly alien, set of funeral practices. Their practices were deemed necessary in order to ensure immortality after death, which basically means a person arriving at the afterlife. Like with many practices, the Egyptian burial process evolved over the years as old customs became redundant and new […]

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Effects of Bereavement

Posted: 19/07/2018

If you are coping with the loss of a family member, friend and loved one, it is normal for you to go through what is known as the grieving process and experience bereavement. As part of this, you are likely to experience a number of effects which may impact you in a variety of ways. […]

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Famous cases of near-death experiences

Posted: 12/07/2018

Any report of a near-death experience or a religious experience in the same capacity can spark both excitement as well as scepticism. For those who believe in the concept of a near-death experience, they act as a way of proving that there is life beyond this realm and that some form of after-life must in […]

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What happens at a post-mortem

Posted: 05/07/2018

It isn’t a question that we like to muse on too much, in much the same way many of us try to avoid approaching the subject of death entirely, but on the other hand, a large number of us enjoy watching fictional criminal investigation programmes often involving in the death of someone, many involving post-mortems […]

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Creative Ideas for Ashes

Posted: 27/06/2018

If you or a family member has chosen to be cremated rather than buried and they are or you are wanting to do something with their ashes which is different to simply storing them in an urn, we have some creative ideas for you to consider. Nowadays, there are a lot more options available to […]

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The rise of the coffin club

Posted: 21/06/2018

Thinking of taking up a new hobby, but want to go for something just that little bit different from the usual of taking up knitting, or learning a new language? Well, why don’t you try a coffin-decorating workshop instead if you really want to go for something truly unique? Perfect Funeral Plans takes a further […]

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A Bereaved Father’s Day

Posted: 14/06/2018

This June (2018), fathers who have unfortunately lost a child are marking an alternative father’s day. Instead of celebrating the traditional day, they are choosing to celebrate the life of their child as well as acknowledging the loss. Of course, it can be understood that Fathers who have recently or even not so recently lost […]

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Funeral prices to be investigated

Posted: 14/06/2018

At the beginning of June, the Competiton and Markets Authority (CMA) revealed that the cost of funerals is going to be investigated to ensure that people taking out funeral plans are not being ripped off, and those that are more vulnerable are not being pressurised into buying a plan, or having to look towards taking […]

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How to mark the anniversary of the death of a loved one

Posted: 12/06/2018

A death anniversary can be a time by which you can dedicate to remembering your loved one for who they were and what they brought to your life whilst they lived and in death. This can be a personal time or a time for the family and friends of the deceased to come together in […]

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Tougher regulations for pre-paid funeral plan providers

Posted: 07/06/2018

It has been announced earlier this month (June) that the Treasury is intended to enforce stricter rules for pre-paid funeral plan providers by making the sector come under the regulatory power of the Financial Conduct Authority. At the same time as this is taking place, the Competition and Markets Authority has launched a study looking […]

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Organ donation and funerals

Posted: 29/05/2018

There are thousands of people across the country who are waiting for an organ transplant that can help to improve their quality of life, or even save their lives entirely. Currently, in the UK, about 3 people die each and every day as a result of waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Furthermore, only  1 […]

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Superstitions about death and dying

Posted: 23/05/2018

The way in which we deal with the topics of death, dying and funerals vary across the world, with some parts of the globe finding it easier, or even embracing the concept. The fact that we all deal with the idea of dying different may explain why so many cultures have different superstitions and traditions, […]

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How to talk to someone who is dying

Posted: 18/05/2018

If you know someone who is dying or terminally ill, it can extremely hard for you to know what to do, say or how to act. This is understandable, but what your friend or family member needs from you at this time is your full support and it is safe to say they would rather […]

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Top tips for going back to work after bereavement

Posted: 11/05/2018

For most people, after they have lost a loved one, there comes a point where they have to return to work. Grief affects everyone differently, with some preferring to continue working after someone close to them has died, or return soon after to have a sense of routine back in their lives, whilst others may […]

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The biggest regrets of the dying

Posted: 08/05/2018

The biggest regrets of the dying There are popular sayings that are often used to encourage us to do things that we may be otherwise hesitant about: ‘you regret the things you didn’t do’ or ‘forget regret or life is yours to miss’.  It is something many of us live by, deciding to go on […]

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First-Come, First-Serve Funerals Ruled Unlawful

Posted: 30/04/2018

After a legal battle against what has been dubbed an unlawful ‘cab rank system for handling burials’, it has been ruled that funerals should not be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. The controversy surrounded Mary Hassell, the senior coroner for inner North London, claiming that her policy discriminated against religious groups whose beliefs demand more timely […]

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A Memorial Service for Stephen Lawrence

Posted: 26/04/2018

It has been announced by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, that an annual Stephen Lawrence day is to be held on the anniversary of the teenager’s murder. May announced this at a memorial service held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the hate crime left the nation horrified and which ultimately was the cause […]

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Kerry Katona Gets a Memorial Spaceflight

Posted: 25/04/2018

Kerry Katona, ex-Atomic Kitten popstar, has reportedly opted into a memorial spaceflight to distribute her ashes when she dies. She has signed up to Pride Planning’s ‘Stardust plan’, which involves filling a rocket with the ashes of the deceased and scattering them across the galaxy, not unlike stardust. What is a Memorial Spaceflight? A Memorial Spaceflight is […]

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Death Trends in the Digital Age

Posted: 12/04/2018

In recent years, due to the prolific usage of social media and other digital platforms, we have been more exposed to worldwide discussions about death and dying than ever before. The death of a celebrity does not come without a torrent of digital dialogues; everybody has the ability to register their reaction on the public […]

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Children’s funeral fees in the UK are now waivered

Posted: 03/04/2018

Children’s funeral fees in the UK are now waivered Perfect Funeral Plans takes a look at the amazing achievement of the Swansea East MP, Carolyn Harris, who spearheaded the campaign to waiver the cost of children’s funerals across England and Wales. It has been announced by the government at the beginning of this month that […]

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How Much is the Funeral Industry Worth in the UK?

Posted: 20/03/2018

It is well-known today that the funeral industry is extremely lucrative in the UK and beyond, in part due to the constant (and growing) demand for funerals, and to the increased pricing of services on offer. But just how much is the funeral industry worth in the UK today? A funeral market report made by […]

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Why were the Victorians obsessed with death?

Posted: 16/03/2018

When you consider the Victorian era, it seems to be associated with death, torment and straight up creepiness. Victorian society was so obsessed with death that it is regarded to have had its own death culture, separate to what was just traditionally British in the years prior and the years following the era. The Victorians […]

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Don’t Needlessly Go Into Debt to Pay For a Funeral

Posted: 08/03/2018

The average cost of funerals has been creeping up year after year at an unusually swift pace within the last decade. This steadily climbing price tag has certainly put a strain on families, as evidenced by the dramatic rise in campaigns set up to help families pay for funerals on the crowdfunding site Go Fund […]

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Strippers at Chinese Funerals: A New Trend

Posted: 07/03/2018

Recently, there has been a controversial rise in the presence of strippers or exotic dancers at Chinese funerals. It has now become more common for people to party at funerals rather than mourn. These are usually young women and there are yet to have cases of male strippers which have been recorded. The practice is […]

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