Burial Insurance

The average funeral in the UK costing £3,700 and with costs predicted to increase yearly. In fact, a report by think tank International Longevity Centre has estimated that by 2020 the price of a simple funeral could be at least £5,226, not including any other additional costs such as flowers or a memorial.

However, having a pre-paid funeral plan can help to alleviate some of the worries involved when planning and arranging a funeral. This can help to give you peace of mind, knowing that you will be able to not only have a service that is right for you but also that your loved ones will be protected when it comes to funeral costs and burial insurance.

We can help you compare burial insurance prices amongst several providers, with zero additional cost and enable you to also freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, making the entire process of looking for the right burial insurance plan for you easier and as straightforward as it possibly can be.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance usually covers both the cost of cremation expenses or a funeral of the deceased. After you die, the burial life insurance is paid out the benefit of your policy to the beneficiary who can use the money to take care of the funeral services. Or, in other cases, the policy money may be paid straight to the funeral director or service provider of your choice. Burial insurance policies differ from company to company, so it may come in the form of either:

  • A term policy
  • A whole life policy.

It is important to check which category your burial insurance policy cover falls under prior to taking out the insurance, in order to ensure that your plan meets your personal requirements and that the coverage you have is right for you.

Whilst we understand how it can be difficult to face the idea of passing away, having a prepaid funeral plan can help to relieve the burden for family members and friends during a very stressful time, which will be of equal importance to you too.

Most policies also provide the option of paying in instalments for your plan, but it is important to remember that additional costs such as administration fees and interest may be applied which may make the plan more expensive. However, this does depend over what length of time you choose to pay the instalments. 12 monthly payments it may well cost the same as paying up front, but over 60 months will add at least 15% extra to the cost of your plan.

What Does A Burial Insurance Policy Cover?


It is important to check the small print of any funeral plan you take out, in order to make sure you know what is covered in the plan and whether this meets your requirements. Source: Pinterest

Whilst individual burial insurance policies differ from company-to-company, things that are generally covered in burial insurance plans include the following:

  • The cost of a coffin
  • The funeral directors fees
  • The cost of a cremation if applicable
  • The cost of transportation to and from the service
  • The transportation of the deceased to the funeral service or to a designated funeral home in the country
  • The minister’s fee
  • Religious service
  • Providing a hearse or another type of suitable vehicle to get to the crematorium or cemetery.

Costs that may not be included could be additional flowers or an obituary notice, so it is important to check the small print of any burial insurance policy taken out to see if it meets your personal requirements.

What If I Can’t Afford Burial Insurance?

Where you aware that between 2004 and 2013 the price of a funeral service had risen by a staggering 80 per cent? T If you are struggling to pay for a funeral there are other alternatives. The hospital or the local authority may help to arrange a Public Health Funeral in the event of there being:

  • No family members or friends who can help to organise and pay for the funeral.
  • There are not enough funds in the estate to pay for a funeral service.

If you are on a very low income or if you receive benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) may be able to help cover costs associated with the burial process. This is usually in the form of a Funeral Expenses Payment. it is not necessarily the case that this payment will be able to cover all the fees involved with a cremation or funeral service, however, it can help with some of the following such as:

  • Transportation costs for the deceased
  • Death certificates
  • Cremation service costs
  • Costs for attending funeral service

If you believe you may qualify for the government scheme, you can apply online or by post through downloading the form on the GOV.UK website.  You can also find out further details about eligibility and documentation you will need. Any application must be made within three months of the date of the funeral.

Compare Burial Insurance Quotes Online


Choosing the right burial insurance cover is not always the easiest thing to do, with so many choices available. However, we can make that process easier with our comparison service. Source: racked.com

With so many burial insurance policies to choose from online, the choice can end up overwhelming when it is already a stressful decision to make. However, to make things easier, why not compare burial insurance costs with us? We will provide you with a series of quotes from some of the UK’s best funeral insurance providers. We take into consideration how stressful making funeral service decisions can be, and so our process has been made as easy and straightforward as it can possibly be. Apply to us today at Perfect Funeral Plans and we can help give you the peace of mind on your funeral plans that you have been looking for.