A Bereaved Father’s Day

Posted: 14/06/2018

This June (2018), fathers who have unfortunately lost a child are marking an alternative father’s day. Instead of celebrating the traditional day, they are choosing to celebrate the life of their child as well as acknowledging the loss.

Of course, it can be understood that Fathers who have recently or even not so recently lost a child will feel a level of pain when it comes to Father’s Day. Daddys with Angels is an organisation which aims to help fathers who have at any point lost a child or a baby to share their emotions, providing them with an environment where they feel as though they will not be judged. Surrounded by others who have faced loss, the fathers can openly express themselves as well as seek companionship in others who can emphasise and support them.

The Day for Bereaved Fathers


The last Sunday in June is annually set to be a special day of acknowledgement for bereaved fathers. In 2018, the first-ever Bereaved Father’s Day is going to be marked in the UK, USA and Australia on the 24th of June.

It is nice to have a day of acknowledgement for these strong men as Father’s Day can be unbearably painful, especially with public anticipation building up and constant advertising being forced down everyone’s throat. It becomes impossible to ignore, which may bring up painful reminders of their child who has passed away.

It is the hope that Bereaved Father’s Day will hold a significance for these dads, especially men who have no other children and feel like they have lost their identity. On this day, you are still recognised for the fathering of a child – despite their passing.

Acknowledging the loss of a child


There is an International Bereaved Father’s Day which was launched in 2010, which will take place across the globe on the 26th of August.

The founder of Daddy’s with Angels, Paul Scully-Sloan, claims that he wishes Bereaved Father’s Day in the UK to raise a greater awareness about parents who have lost a child and have to live with that loss. The father of a child who passed away in the November of 2010 himself, he wants to give an opportunity in the form of this day to people to openly remember the child that they so dearly love and miss. Paul lost his 14-month-old son to a sudden viral infection which ultimately took his life. This gave him the inspiration to create the organisation to encourage other men to support each other through their mutal understanding of grief for a child of their own.

It may be an idea for other bereaved dads to mark the day by visiting a special place or honouring their child in a meaningful way. Dads could even support a charity or do something sponsored in the name of their child or baby.

Other fathers may want to use the dad to quietly reflect on their time with and without the child, rather than doing anything active. It can be nice to take some personal time out to think, grieve and compartmentalise. With the business of everyday life, these men may not have had the time to dedicate time to their own thoughts or prayers involving their child.

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